Broad Match Modifier now live on Bing adCenter

The Broad Match Modifier functionality has only been available on Google AdWords for the last two years. For those of us who work on both adCenter and AdWords, we know what the importance of using a modified broad match keyword is for increasing the targeted traffic your Pay Per Click campaigns deserve. And so when Microsoft finally introduced the broad match modifier for adCenter late last week, I was immensely happy as I can finally share some of the great returns and successes that I’ve had on AdWords, with adCenter as well.

broad match modifier

In many ways, this functionality has been long overdue however, I’m glad that Microsoft adCenter has finally got their version of BMM available for those of us who’ve grown to use and love broad match modifiers on AdWords.

And perhaps, more importantly – the savings when using Broad Match Modifiers can be passed to my clients! The value is simply undeniable.

Keyword Match Type Google AdWords Microsoft Ad Center

When to use each match type and the results associated with the type



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