Google Website Optimizer Bites The Dust

Yet again, another versatile product from Google has bitten the dust and this time it is Google’s very own Website Optimizer. However, fear not Conversion Optimization folks! Although Google has discontinued Website Optimizer as a standalone product, it has instead created a fully integrated tool within Google Analytics called Content Experiments.

Content Experiments is now simpler to use than Website Optimizer and is being offered to all Google Analytics users.  Content Experiments comes with a simple set up wizard, identifies the statistically significant best variation, and provides insightful reports on your website engagement. Google will be adding more experimentation features within Analytics in the future, making all Conversion Optimization(ists) very happy.

Google Website Optimizer will be discontinued as of August 1st, 2012. If you are planning on doing some tests, you will be better off using Google Analytics to set up the tests.

I’m sad to see Website Optimizer go, the integration with GA makes life easier. I bid you adieu Website Optimizer.

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