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PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization, Web Analytics and Social Media Marketing

Holistic SEM: Which would you rather have, missing pieces or a completed puzzle?

We are Optimal Clix Internet Marketing, a consultancy that provides what we call “holistic search engine marketing” for savvy, growing clients. “Holistic” simply means that we’re a full-service, full-scope PPC, Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics & Social Media consultancy; we use Search Engine Marketing’s expert approved methods across a full suite of search engine marketing platforms — search, display, mobile, and social media — and we customize Internet Marketing campaigns to our clients’ specific business objectives.

There are a lot of Internet Marketing consultancy out there, however Optimal Clix stands out with performance — oriented around client profit, not client spend — and client satisfaction. If you or your company needs a Master Certified Internet Marketing Consultant to guide you through Search Engine Marketing’s best practices and to maximize your Return on Investment, look no further than Optimal Clix.

We, at Optimal Clix Internet Marketing, take pride in our quality of service and so we offer a free consultation to assess the client’s needs and additionally a three day opt out clause, if the client is not happy with progress we are making.

Call us now for your Free Consultation: (415) 857 – CLIX (2549)

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