Internet Marketing FAQ’s

As Internet marketing has matured, it has driven two trends: a narrower focus on pitching specific consumer groups and a more robust effort to measure the outcomes of marketing campaigns. In the pre-Internet world, advertisers were content to pay for television commercials whose audience was relatively broad and whose effect was not easily quantifiable.

While a company might use viewership ratings to get general data about the size and demographics of the audience for its commercials, there was no way to measure the extent to which these commercials translated into actual sales.
In contrast, many companies are now moving their marketing dollars away from traditional advertising outlets towards Internet-based campaigns that can target specific consumer groups and quantify the return on marketing investments.

For example, pay-per-click search engines allow companies to pay for small text advertisements that are displayed only when users search for specific words relevant to the products and services sold by that company.

A company is charged only when a consumer clicks on the ad and is directed to the company’s website, thereby ensuring that the company’s advertising dollars are spent capturing consumers that demonstrate some interest in its offerings. Further, using sophisticated web-analytic technology; companies can track a consumer’s online behavior and determine the exact amount of any online purchases made.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?
Targeted advertising for your products or services focused on what your customers are searching for on Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!), Content Sites (blogs, news articles etc) or even on Social Media sites. You pay only for each click on your advertisement, thus improving your return on marketing investment (ROI).

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?
You have web traffic however, your visitors are not engaging with your website as you would like them to. We use user experience modelling and testing to arrive at what works best for your website and your targeted demographic. Conversion Optimization involves A/B or Multivariate testing to arrive at the best possible combination of on page user events to boost
conversion rates of sales and/or leads.

This process of testing is most effective when used with Pay Per Click advertising and/or Search Engine Optimization, as more traffic rather than a trickle makes it possible to create the optimal landing page design or website.

What is Web Analytics?
What good is a website when you haven’t the faintest idea about how your web visitors interact with your site. Without this key data, there is no self improvement – and that is a fact. We can set up your Web Analytics in order to understand the flow of web traffic, induce key event actions, implement key metrics and goals for improving all facets of your Search Engine Marketing.

Our expertise is with Google Analytics – which is a powerful and indispensable tool available for free from Google, however we can always help you use your existing Web Analytics tools (Omniture etc) to optimize your site for the maximum return on marketing investment.

Web Analysis goes beyond the traditional visitors to a website and can be modified to include actions on your site by visitors from Social Media, Email Marketing, Traditional Marketing (radio/TV) and so much more.

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