Personal Online Branding for Beginners; Part 2

As I explained in my earlier post, personal brand management on the internet is entirely your responsibility and you need to own it.

Take your ownership to the next level.

– Own your name. Register for a domain (in your name) on the internet and build a website about yourself. What this accomplishes is optimizing your appearances on search engines. And names are relatively unique unless you happen to have a name like Joe Smith, in which case you would have to be a little more creative.

The process of registering for a domain used to be a daunting task and often a difficult process, if you did not know HTML, to create your website. These days, the concept has been made much easier, you can register your domain on or and then use a WordPress template to build your website. Going through the creative process of setting up your email account and keeping your website up to date, is still a little difficult – for those unfamiliar with HTML. However, there is a dearth of customer support, just a telephone call away and they can and will guide you through the process of setting it all up.

The cost of having your own domain name, especially of your actual name, depends on how many people share your name. But it does not cost more than 100/year. This amount is doable by anyone.

– Create an profile. It is a simple and easy process to get you started with optimizing your name for search on the internet and allows you to share your various profiles on the internet. Be it Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Youtube, Foursquare and so on.

Click to see my About.Me profile and you’ll get the gist of it.

– To further enhance your visibility on the interwebs, use your blog to write about what you do. In essence, what I am suggesting is that you SEO (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) your name.


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