Why Aren’t You Already Retargeting?

Lately, I have been fielding more and more questions on Remarketing also known as Retargeting (by vendors other than Google). For this post, I’m going to relate the usefulness of Remarketing.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Remarketing can be a strategic component of your website’s marketing campaign; whether you are looking to drive sales activity on your website, increase subscriptions or registrations or promote brand awareness.

Remarketing allows you to reach people who have previously visited your site and match the right message to the intended people. Essentially, remarketing can drive your ROI up, no matter what kind of campaigns you are running or the type of ad formats you have. Every retargeting campaign involves the use of a “pixel” or “cookie” that is embedded upon your key conversion pages. These “pixels” or “cookies” drop on to your visitor’s browser – they are non-intrusive – and when your visitor leaves your site, you may employ a retargeting campaign to have ads “follow” them over the internet.

In the case of Google, when using Remarketing, you will have the agility of the Google Display Network and it is vast – millions of websites are associated with the Display Network. The visitor who left your site will more than likely stop by a Display Network site in the days after leaving your site. And in encountering your advertisement, your message can be crafted to up-sell, cross sell, and promote relevant products to the one that the visitor saw.

Google’s retargeting system offers a wide array of options that allow these advertisements to be placed by demographics, location, customized audiences (ex: someone who abandoned your shopping cart vs visiting and leaving a page on your site), and all the other great options offered by AdWords.

What Remarketing enables advertisers to do is to target every stage of the purchase funnel including Browsing, Viewing and Abandoned Shopping Carts. If the visitor was browsing, an ad can be placed to encourage visitors to check out new products. If the visitor was viewing, then those specific products could be the tag lines. And if the visitor had abandoned the shopping cart, an ad with special pricing can be displayed.

Remarketing enables advertisers to increase ROI and conversion rates even after the initial process was abandoned. It can be a very versatile strategy when implemented correctly and increasing click through rates are very hard to argue with.


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