Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization
Your website has traffic but your visitors aren’t taking the intended action
Creating the ideal visitor flow, implementation and testing.

– Every website has a purpose, is your website performing to your expectations? A conversion is measured by the number of visitors to your site who take the action you want them to. We are experts with Conversion Optimization and with our guidance and knowledge, your website’s interaction with your web traffic will improve dramatically.

– The science behind Conversion Optimization is time consuming and requires a lot of testing. Not everyone is aware of what makes someone click a button and what doesn’t, for those questions, we help you determine the best course of direction on the design front.

– Our methods include understanding your website’s key demographics, incorporating our experience with website usability studies and finally taking the time to test each and every page for your conversion rate to improve.

– Conversion Testing involves testing elements of your site that are key conversion events. For example, when used with PPC advertising, landing page optimization is the best way to improve conversion rates, click through rates and quality scores. Methods of landing page testing include revising marketing messages, improving calls to action, enhancing key events to induce conversions and more.

– Conversion testing involves the rotation of at least 2 – 5 variations of a page and only one of each type is shown to web visitors, so as to provide continuity and managing the brand. Sample sizes can be chosen from as little as 5% to 100% of all visitors to that web page and the page that shows a statistically significant improvement over the other variations is deemed as the winner of the test.

– A winner is obtained from the analytics data, testing is resumed as the internet is always evolving.

– Once you start testing, there really is no turning back as changes to a website are always founded on hard data and evidence from previous tests – making sure any future improvements on the site will only improve your website.

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